At Park Smiles NYC Pediatrics, we understand how nervous some children can be when going to the dentist – especially for the first time.  If a child’s fears result in behavior that can’t be managed, it becomes difficult if not impossible for the dentist to carry out any dental care that’s needed.  And if those fears aren’t resolved early on, their anxiety will only continue to grow — right into adulthood.

That’s why every member of our staff – from our receptionist to our dentists — is well-versed and trained in Behavioral Management techniques.  We want each and every one of our young patients to feel calm and relaxed and enjoy their experience with us!

What is Behavioral Management?

Behavioral Management is widely agreed to be a key factor in providing dental care for children.  In fact, part of pediatric dental training includes early childhood development and psychology.  It’s imperative that any approach to Behavioral Management for the child is rooted in empathy and genuine concern for their well-being and comfort.  And that’s exactly the approach you’ll see when you bring your child to Park Smiles NYC Pediatrics.

Some of the ways we work with anxious children to help them relax:

  • Build Trust. Our dentists talk to our patients to help them understand what we’re doing – and why.  First and foremost, we work to establish trust to help put your child at ease!
  • Patience. We slowly get our young patients used to being in a dental chair – and will take as much time as necessary to make them as calm and comfortable as possible.
  • Communication.  We encourage open communication between the doctor, the patient and the parent. Establishing a friendly rapport with all involved will make your child feel more calm, comfortable and confident.
  • Create a fun atmosphere. Behavioral Management doesn’t only involve communication.  It can also mean creating an atmosphere that’s fun, warm and welcoming – and our entire office was designed with our young patients in mind!  Our kid-friendly features and amenities include:
    • iPad stations
    • Activity table
    • Full-size and tabletop arcades
    • Books, coloring books, and toys
    • Stuffed animals
    • Cheerful and engaging treatment rooms with TVs above all chairs, music, blankets – and colorful wall murals featuring wild life and animals

Everything we do at Park Smiles NYC Pediatrics is designed to create a comfortable, enjoyable and stress-free experience.  Please feel free to discuss any concerns or behavioral problems with our staff. Again, we encourage open communication between the doctor, the patient and the parent.

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