Baby teeth are important for dental development because they hold the place for and help guide adult teeth into their proper places as your child grows.  Normally, baby teeth are pushed out by adult teeth, but in some cases decay can cause the premature loss of one or more baby teeth, which could require treatment.

A Space Maintainer is a common pediatric dental treatment option.  It’s an appliance that is custom-made in an acrylic or metal material.  The job of the space maintainer is to keep the space between two or more baby teeth open to allow the permanent teeth to erupt and come into place.

Our team of pediatric specialists at Park Smiles NYC Pediatrics have extensive experience in the procedure, which is very simple and routine – and can be completed in one or two office visits, depending on the treatment needed.

Benefits of a Space Maintainer

  • May reduce or eliminate the need for braces or other extensive orthodontic treatment down the road.
  • Makes chewing easier and more comfortable.
  • Saves space for proper eruption of adult teeth.

The Procedure and Aftercare

Some space maintainers are either fixed (cemented into place) or removable.  There are different types of space maintainers for different situations and locations in the mouth.  One of our pediatric specialists will review with you the various options and make a recommendation for your child.

Once the space maintainer has been created and placed, it may take a few days for your child to get used to the appliance.  Carefully monitor your child to make sure they are wearing it – and also ensure that they are following a proper at-home oral hygiene routine.

Your child will need to return to our office periodically so we can make sure that the development and growth of his or her new teeth are on track and following the path that the space maintainer has allowed.  Once the adult teeth are growing in properly, the space maintainer can be removed.

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