When you bring your child into Park Smiles NYC Pediatrics for a checkup, your pediatric dentist will not only provide a thorough oral examination, but will also take the time to educate your child about their dental health, including at-home dental hygiene. Not only is this discussion helpful for them to understand the importance of oral hygiene, but it also helps our dentist bond with your child and establish a feeling of trust.  We want every one of our young patients to understand and embrace good dental health – and look at Park Smiles NYC Pediatrics as a place they can call their trusted Dental Home.

Your child’s exam includes exploration of their mouth and gums.  If the teeth exhibit decay or other problems requiring further treatment, your pediatric dentist will discuss this with you and your child at this time.  If needed, an appointment will be set for a later date.

Further Benefits of Our Consultative Approach

  • By giving your child an explanation of the process and stressing why dental health is so important, it helps encourage your child to practice good dental hygiene at home.
  • Educating them about the process also helps assure them that they can always feel safe and comfortable when going to the dentist. Establishing trust like this early on will help make them feel positive about seeing the dentist for years to come – right into adulthood.
  • Keeping your child informed and engaged puts them at ease, ensuring that we’re able to do the most thorough job possible to help prevent major dental issues from arising.
  • Using positive reinforcement, such as reaffirming how well your child is doing during a procedure, also helps to keep the child confident and calm during the procedure.

Everything we do at Park Smiles NYC Pediatrics is designed to help your child achieve optimal oral health, a bright smile for years to come – and help them feel relaxed and worry-free when seeing a dentist!

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